Dear Heartlanders,

Due to the upsurge in infections in Dallas County and the guidance of the CDC, the session has reinstituted a mask mandate in our building and for worship. While many of us were looking forward to less restrictions, the public health issues especially for our most vulnerable members must take priority now. Throughout the pandemic, we have consistently strived to follow the CDC guidelines.

We ask you to be patient and remain flexible as we continue to ride the waves of the pandemic. We will continue to monitor the infection rates in our county and when they reach the CDC mandated levels, we can return to our more normal practices. Who knew over a year ago that we would all become epidemiologists!

Please pray for our church and leadership as we strive to faithfully respond to the challenges of living with Covid. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Pastor Alex.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. P. Alex Thornburg
Heartland Presbyterian Church