Ravin Rev, Connecting to God Through the Arts

Hello Heartlanders! We are excited about the conversations around the Strategic Planning Vision as our members and friends provide feedback on the initiatives presented to the congregation. It has been invaluable to hear the affirmations, questions, and thoughts around some of the ideas presented in the Connection and Creation strategic plan. We hope many more … Continue reading Ravin Rev, Connecting to God Through the Arts

Contemplative Corner – “Becoming a New Creation”

When the New Year begins, we often make resolutions to change our lives in one way or another. We are determined and resolute to achieve a purpose; a choice or action in effort to solve some problem. Often a resolution is a personal determination upon a course of action, method, or procedure to improve ourselves. … Continue reading Contemplative Corner – “Becoming a New Creation”

Refugee Family Ministry

Heartland Refugee Family Ministry The Heartland Refugee Family Ministry (HRFM) is a team of Heartlanders who are partnering with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants’ Des Moines office to set up a home that is warm and welcoming for a refugee family beginning their new lives in the metro area.  Our ministry is supported by the staff … Continue reading Refugee Family Ministry