The 100 Envelope Challenege

Help Heartland Youth fill their ‘Pot of Gold’ (Youth Mission Fund) by participating in this year’s 100 Envelope Challenge.  What is the 100 Envelope Challenge, you ask? The green-themed wall of envelopes in the narthex contains envelopes numbered 1 – 100. Select an envelope of your choice and place the corresponding dollar amount inside. For example, if you select envelope number seven, place $7 in the envelope. If you select envelope number 55, place $55 in the envelope. Have some spare change or your preferred donation amount is not specified on an envelope? No problem! Just grab a ‘spare change’ envelope and give as you wish. Complete your name and address on the back of the envelope and drop in the Pot of Gold!

How to participate

You can participate by either selecting an envelope from the display in the narthex or selecting a virtual envelope from our sign-up genius link below. Donations can be mailed to the church or returned in person on Sunday morning. Just look for the Pot of Gold! You can also go to to submit your donation online. Be sure to designate the Heartland Youth Mission Fund to receive your donation.

The Challenge kicks off on Sunday, February 27th with some grab and go treats, and three $5 Target gift cards randomly placed in three of the envelopes as a special thank you!

The Heartland Youth thank you for your support!