Here is the devotional for this Third Week of Lent.

Centering Prayer

Continue to pray the Centering Prayer. This prayer allows us to prepare our hearts and minds by resting in God’s grace. Here are some simple instructions for how to do this prayer.


We encourage you to journal this Lenten season. Questions for Journaling are listed below. (You may want to listen to the podcast and Sunday’s sermon, then journal throughout the week.)

“Learning How to See” Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3: “Seeing Is Political”

In a series of six episodes, three deeply spiritual theologians explore the different biases that shape our human seeing and how contemplation can help us see more clearly. 

Questions for Reflection/Journaling

  1. How is political bias a problem for everyone?
  2. Do you think of people as basically good or basically bad?
  3. Do we think of faith in terms of transaction or transformation?
  4. Is truth about winning?
  5. How do we move from binary thinking?

Worship Notes

The scripture for worship is a story of Jesus healing a blind man from the gospel of John.

  1. What does it mean to you to describe Jesus as the Light of the World?
  2. Beyond the miracle of the healing, why did the neighbors and the Pharisees find it so difficult to believe the man who said he was able to see now?
  3. In what ways like the Pharisee’s do we use “the law” to prevent us from seeing the miraculous?
  4. Why do we drive out those who claim to see uncomfortable things that challenge how we see the world?
  5. Alex talked about how dogma blinds us to see the miraculous in the world. Is there a particular dogma you steadfastly hold to that might blind you?