Worship Notes

Central scripture for Sunday, February 21 is John 1:35-51.

Questions to ponder during worship this week:
1. Seeing and not seeing seems very important in this story about Jesus calling the disciples. Why are some able to see and others are not?
2. Why do you think Jesus asked the disciples what they are looking for? Why is that an important question for us all?
3. What prevented Nathaniel in the story from seeing Jesus as the messiah? What enabled him to finally see Jesus for who he was?
4. Alex shared in his sermon a story about how what he expected and wanted to see prevented him from seeing something else.

Do you have a similar story?
We use a part of the Belhar Confession in our worship. The Belhar Confession was written in 1982 in South Africa in the midst of apartheid. It was a statement speaking specifically to the sin of racism and a church which supports the structures of apartheid. The Presbyterian Church (USA) added the Belhar Confession to their Book of Confessions in 2016.
1. What do you think it means to say unity is both a gift and an obligation?
2. Do you think we really name separation, enmity, and hatred as a sin? What might be some examples?
3. Do you think unity is visible in the church? In what ways is it visible and in what ways is it not visible?