With the current concerns around the Coronavirus, the session of Heartland Presbyterian Church encourages members and friends to be faithful in our response as followers of Jesus who brought healing to those considered untouchable. Amidst much of the fear and uncertainty surrounding this health crisis, we feel it is important to communicate our church preparations and procedures to protect each other.

Primarily we leave it up to you to decide your comfort level with attending church activities. If you are more vulnerable because of age or health situation, we encourage you to learn simple and practical ways to protect yourself (hand washing, social distance, refrain from touching your face). If you feel unable to attend worship, you should know that we stream our worship on Facebook Live so you still can experience our community online.

We suggest during the Passing of the Peace that participants use alternative ways to communicate the peace of Christ whether through touching elbows, fist bumps, or other means to express the peace that passes all understanding. Communion will continue to be by intinction (dipping the bread into a cup) as Worship committee feels this is the safest way to share the Lord’s Supper. You always have the choice to either not take communion or only partake of the bread without dipping into the cup.

It is the general policy of Heartland that EPIC and youth/children activities will continue unless schools have been canceled for any reason.

In Scripture, the first words out of the mouth of angels who visit human beings is always “Do not be afraid.” These are words to live by especially in today’s world. We at Heartland are committed to getting through this uncertain time together. If at any time you find yourself sick or need to self-quarantine, please let the office know so we can fully support you.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Pastor Alex either by cell phone 608-338-9905 or by email alex@hpcusa.org.