Day 7 Blog – Luann Smith

Our last day in the community was full of love, gratitude, and FUN!

Thanks to the generosity of two very special Heartland families: Bill Fischer and Larry Hartsook, Cerna school became a reality approximately 11 years ago. The school is used by kindergarten through fourth grades. One teacher is employed for 53 students with half of the students attending in the morning and the other half in the afternoon.

We spent the morning at the school playing numerous games with the children, including futbol (soccer), hacky sacks, jump rope, jacks, and frisbees. We also had fun playing the limbo, relay races, and a four corners game. Through our interpreter, Oscar, the children taught us our numbers 1-10, and by pointing to balloons, we learned our colors in Spanish. We taught them the same in English. It was precious when the children sang us one of their favorite songs. There is truly hope in the children!

The Pastoral Team prepared lunch consisting of vegetable pasta and chicken in a primitive make shift kitchen in the classroom. They graciously served the delicious lunch to the Heartland delegation and the Directiva. After lunch, the children returned with their families for the celebration in their finest clothes. The celebration included four piñatas, which were smashed to smithereens in the following order: girls, boys, women, and men. It’s obvious that their lives are tremendously challenging, but they find great joy in things we often take for granted.

We have had an amazing experience in El Salvador. While we know that Heartland has left the building, we will return.

We received a challenge in tonight’s reflection from Kathy’s special book, Through the Year with Oscar Romero: Daily Meditations, for each one of us to be God’s microphone. Our microphone will be on July 14th in worship. Please join to hear more! ss