Alex Thornburg –

Reverend P. Alex Thornburg was baptized in a Presbyterian Church when his mother found out that Presbyterians love to dance. Ask Alex about that story. He grew up at Northminster Presbyterian church in a suburb of Dallas where he learned about God’s Grace from a community of faithful disciples. After going to college and getting a degree in Psychology and taking too many philosophy classes, this naturally led to bartending and then to seminary. Upon his graduation from Seminary, he served as the Associate Pastor for First Presbyterian Church in Stillwater, Oklahoma for five years and then as a solo Pastor for First Presbyterian Church in Owasso, OK, for seven years. He returned to Stillwater to work on a PhD in Sociology. And no, he never finished his dissertation so don’t ask!
Pastor Alex then received a call to be Head of Staff for Westminster Presbyterian Church in Madison, Wisconsin, and served amidst this beloved community for nine years. In September of 2015, Alex came to Heartland Presbyterian Church in Clive, Iowa. He is excited to be part of this community as they seek to be the Body of Christ in new and creative ways.
Pastor Alex is married to Dr. Teresa Bear, a licensed Psychologist. They are empty nesters (most of the time) with three grown children: Joseph Bailey and Noah Thornburg who live in Madison, WI, and Emma Thornburg who is a Kangaroo at Austin College in Sherman, Texas.
Pastor Alex loves to read Science Fiction/Fantasy, secretly wishes he could be a Jedi Knight, and loves to hang out with his wife and friends. He has two dogs he spoils needlessly his wife claims. He likes to snow ski, lift weights, and just started doing Yoga. It is not pretty. You can email Pastor Alex at or call the church office at 515-987-4246.