(Everything Possible In Christ)

Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00 PM

** September through April **

Students grades K-12 gather for dinner at 5:30 pm and split up from 6 – 7 pm into their age group to explore and discuss relevant topics.  Sometimes we unite together for a special service project or music; other times some age groups take a road trip for service, fun, or learning.  Students often prepare for some aspect of involvement in Sunday Worship.


K – 2nd Grade: Favorite bible story lessons based on the Growing in Grace and Gratitude series

3rd – 5th Grade: Curiosty abounds at this age.  Lessons and activities based on questions most often posed about faith – in the re:form series

6th – 12th Grade: Youth group balances faith learning/discussion, fun and service opportunities, for a safe community to grow in faith as students.

This video was done as part of a Wednesday night EPIC session.  The lesson that night was about Jesus teaching us to be welcoming and to show love to everyone, including children.  The kids were very engaged with the story, which led to a discussion about how we (Heartland) welcome children.  This was not scripted, rehearsed or retouched in any way; these are authentic responses from our children!